‘cosmic wonders….’

When I met Milne Class for the first time it was interesting to think about where I could build on the learning initiated by Rosie, and develop it further. After discussions with Karen, the teacher, and observing the cloakroom space available, I suggested some ideas for delivery sessions.  For our first day I thought it would be good for me to get to know the children during some making activities, to see how different individuals engaged with materials and creative challenges. In Rosen Class the children had really enjoyed the activities I had introduced around ‘looking through things’ and illuminating them following our ‘aurora borealis’ experiments.  This linked really well with the projection work they had shared with Rosie, so I took that as a startpoint and Karen felt that they would enjoy making the ‘lanterns’ and exploring the ‘kaleidoscope’ activities.

I felt that we could make things to put into the cloakroom space for the second session, where the children could ‘rediscover’ them with light…again creating a sensory space for learning. The advantage of a darkened environment offered lots of opportunities and lent itself to a theme of ‘cosmic wonders’!

As Rosen Class had responded very positively to visual imagery I put together a themed slideshow of galactic scenes and objects to illustrate the variety of colours, surfaces, forms, and pattern that can be found to inspire ideas. Fantastic planet images would link well to our own suspended cosmic lanterns, and painted rockets and comets!

To give the children the opportunity to make things on a larger scale I decided to introduce a painting activity to create backdrops for the sensory space, which involved choosing different painting tools and making bigger physical movements to create the effects. The children really enjoyed this and were more than happy to don a full protective outfit so they could immerse themselves fully in active learning!

Karen and the other teaching staff were delighted to see the children so focussed on the lanterns, and surprised that they helped each other well and persevered with  the challenges of a tricky process for a significant length of time.

The clay work  also offered new ways to engage with material, and it was really interesting to observe different children initiating their own ideas and selecting tools to use and make their own pieces.

Some of the children just had a lovely time exploring all the different materials and tools, and some significant engagement and rare smiles were observed.

***** For next time we will be creating our own sensory ‘cosmic space’ for the children to discover and investigate with torches and light and reflection…..


About gizellakwarburton

Visual artist, contemporary textiles and mixed media. Sensory tactile creative sessions with schools, galleries and museums.
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