lighting them up….

We decided to use the new ‘storycave’ as an intimate space to explore the lanterns that the children had made. To link the sensory feel of the space to our ‘winter wonderland’ outside we lined the cave with reflective surfaces, which also helped to darken the space to make the illumination more effective. I suspended the lanterns inside and also moved the light board inside as a blank canvas for creating our ‘aurora borealis’.

In small groups the children squeezed in and it was lovely to share their wonder and excitement as they discovered the transformations they could make with their torches. The combination of movement of light and colour as the lanterns danced and glowed created a wonderful energy and atmosphere that was reflected in their faces.

Along with the lanterns there were the kaleidoscope pots and collages to experiment with, and it was very interesting to observe how each child experimented with the effects they could create. Some were quietly taking it all in, some were excitedly trying everything, others shared their discoveries and created dynamic light compositions by working together with their torches….delighting in the painterly effects of layered colour and texture.

though the children could only experience a taster of this magical space at this time, Clare is going to keep this as a learning area over the coming days so that the children can access it themselves and take their time to explore and be inspired by this active learning environment.


About gizellakwarburton

Visual artist, contemporary textiles and mixed media. Sensory tactile creative sessions with schools, galleries and museums.
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