***ice magic…sensory spaces***

During the last session, Rosen class had great fun creating individual and collaborative ‘constructions’ in the classroom, and painting backdrops as a startpoint for creating an area outside that could be used as an evolving space for active learning. Following this the class teacher, Claire, has been developing ideas based on the childrens’ interests, though a genuinely ‘arctic’ period put outdoor explorations on hold before Christmas.

I have been thinking very carefully about ways in which to transform the space in order to create a more enclosed and distinctly ‘different’ feel, with ways of engaging the children as they enter the space….continuing with our theme of ‘ice magic’.

I am conscious that although I want to offer ideas for actual investigative activities, I also want to introduce sensory materials and resources that inspire the children to initiate their own explorations and learning.

To facilitate this I have planned with Claire, to make changes to the area during the planning day, and then introduce small groups to the space the following day….hopefully creating a bit of ‘awe and wonder’ for them.

I hope to observe the children as they move around the space, explaining possibilities as they enquire, and sharing making and roleplay as it arises.

I am very open minded about what might happen or not, but it will be interesting to monitor their responses in what will be a very different environment to the classroom. This may overwhelm some children, or give others a unique stimulus for learning, but it may take some time and familiarity to build confidence and ideas for maximising the space.

Will they find the resources interesting? What will they do with them? What new language might emerge? Will they share learning with eachother, and with me? What connections might they make?

I just hope that we do not experience gale force winds or torrential rain….though a hard frost would be chilly but timely!


About gizellakwarburton

Visual artist, contemporary textiles and mixed media. Sensory tactile creative sessions with schools, galleries and museums.
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2 Responses to ***ice magic…sensory spaces***

  1. Katie says:

    Sounds really exciting Gizella and I am looking forward to hearing about how the next session goes when we meet at the totem pole. As we are heading to the mid point of the project, it would be really interesting for you to reflect on the impact on learning for you, the children and Claire. 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback…..slightly apprehensive that I might be being a little ‘ambitious’ with my visualisation of the space, but I am embracing the challenge! It may be too cold to even use the space….but it will be ‘atmospheric’….If you know of any supplies of small woolly socks, let me know!
      I also have some ideas for how we can evolve the space going into the Spring….which would be lovely to explore too,

      best wishes, Gizella

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