***ice collages***

Whilst taking photographs for my ‘ice magic’ images I noticed leaves captured in frozen water so this led me to devise a a simple activity that the children could easily access and develop themselves…and to introduce a little wonder and discovery to the session.

Choosing a selection of natural materials…leaves, twigs, feathers, seeds, etc, I created circular discs of ‘ice collages’ that, when suspended can be looked through and catch the light. Watching them change as they melt is also fascinating. The children loved these and were really excited to be making their own!

Getting the balance of what to choose to put in their collages, and how much!!! Also they were all keen to ‘tie’ their own loops for hanging the discs up….a great problem solving and perseverance exercise….and children were offering to help eachother to do this.

The children placed their creations in the playground and the excitement and ‘what if element would be to see if the weather becomes cold enough to freeze the collages!

If this happens the children will be able to hang them up and observe the changes, or ‘build’ with them. This fluid creativity offeres possibilities for all sort of experiments, and I also showed them a sample I had made with coloured papers, yarns and threads…..!


About gizellakwarburton

Visual artist, contemporary textiles and mixed media. Sensory tactile creative sessions with schools, galleries and museums.
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