….constructions and collaborations….

On the delivery day session at Fulbridge at Fulbridge many of the children in Rosen Class were out of school for religious celebrations, so I thought it would be an opportunity to share the activities with the children in Dahl class next door.

I set the materials and spaces out as before and was very open-minded as to how the childen chose where, how, and who to work with.  Claire had encouraged the children to collect ‘recycled’ materials and I bought a good ‘tactile’ selection of papers, cardboards, cloths, strings, twines and tapes, with the emphasis on natural materials…     

The children happily moved around to select their ‘construction’ materials….exploring how to balance, hold, attach, connect, stick….and deciding on which ‘tools’ and surfaces were best for ‘the task in hand’…and how to resolve problems if things did not work as planned.

Some children preferred to work on their own while others happily worked together on larger contructions…negotiating their own contributions to the design and supporting eachother’s ideas.




Although the weather was chilly we were able to take the  painting elements of the activity outside and the children had a great time creating a backdrop for our winter landscapes…

We are hoping to continue to develop these  activities and support the children  in initiating these activities to develop and evolve an area in their outdoor space into a magical winter environment. Over the weeks we hope to add some reflective surfaces to echo the frozen seascapes around the icebergs, and the glistening natural ice sculptures that familiar objects are transformed into in cold climates….


About gizellakwarburton

Visual artist, contemporary textiles and mixed media. Sensory tactile creative sessions with schools, galleries and museums.
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